Thy Kingdom Come (18th to 28th May)

Please pray! The 18th May is Ascension Day, when we remember Jesus ascending to heaven 40 days after his resurrection. During the ten days after this, his disciples spent time in prayer as they waited for the coming of the Holy Spirit. God answered their prayer and kept his promise. The Spirit came ten days later at Pentecost (celebrated on Sunday 28th May this year).

Inspired by their example, we want to encourage more prayer today. Over the period from Ascension Day to Pentecost, the Thy Kingdom Come initiative encourages people to engage in extra prayer. We want to join in with this!

If you have not already done so please sign up for one or more hour slots over the 10 days to pray at home. You can sign up on the big sheet available at the back of church, either at Cafe4All or one of our daily prayer meetings or after the service this Sunday.

Cards are available with guidance for your prayers. “Thy Kingdom come here” gives suggested prayers for each day of the week based on the Lord’s prayer. “Pray for 5 Pledge” allows you to write in 5 people to pray for to come to know Jesus. Alternatively you can look at one of the following websites:

In addition we will be starting our daily prayer meetings 30 minutes early for extended prayer over this season. All are welcome to join us either at 9:00am for the full hour or 9:30am for the normal time of prayer:

  • Saturday 20th May, St. George’s
  • Monday 22nd May, St. Luke’s
  • Tuesday 23rd May, St. George’s
  • Thursday 25th May, St. Luke’s
  • Saturday 27th May, St. George’s

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