Baptism at St. Luke’s

This article is about having your child baptised at St. Luke’s. If you want to be baptised as an adult, great! Please contact us direct and we can arrange to have a chat about what is involved.

What do you want for your child as they grow up?

There are many good answers to that question.

What, though, can be better than coming to trust and relate to the God, who created the universe?

  • This God loves your child even more than you do and longs to give them far more than you possibly could including eternal life.
  • What is more following his guidance and learning to live by his values leads to real wisdom in life and a greater love and care for those around.

Having your child baptised is a sign that you want your child to grow up trusting and following God and his Son Jesus.

It shows that you want them to grow to be a part of God’s people, the church.

However, baptism by itself gives no guarantees. Ultimately, whether they trust God as adults or not will be their decision.

What am I committing to in the Baptism service?

As part of the baptism service you are asked to respond positively to these two questions:

Will you pray for them,
draw them by your example into the community of faith
and walk with them in the way of Christ?

You speak for them today.
Will you care for them,
and help them to take their place
within the life and worship of Christ’s Church?

In turn we at St. Luke’s promise to help your child grow to know about God and to give them a welcome into the church.

We have many groups for young people from when they are babies up into their teens and a dedicated group of teachers that are committed to helping them learn from the Bible about what Jesus has done for them and how they can follow him in a fun and interactive way.

How do I arrange to have my child baptised at St. Luke’s?

Unless you are already a regular member of St. Luke’s, you would normally expect to go to your parish church to have your child baptised. If you want to check which parish you live in please use this website:

At St. Luke’s, since baptism is partly about welcoming people into God’s family, the church, we always have baptisms as part of our main service on Sundays at 11:00am.

So, as a first step we ask that people attend one of our services. Many who come to St. Luke’s are pleasantly surprised by the friendly and informal atmosphere and the number of young children that come – so don’t feel scared to take this first step!

If you still want to go ahead after attending a service, then please talk to the vicar, Paul, who will be happy to fill in a form and talk possible dates for the baptism. We cannot guarantee specific dates for a baptism or that it can happen imminently, so please be prepared to be flexible!

Once the baptism is booked we would encourage you to keep coming to church. However, we will also arrange to do some baptism preparation with you and preferably the godparents. Someone will arrange to come to your house for a couple of hour long sessions. This gives us a chance to explain the basics of the Christian faith and what is involved in the Baptism service.

After these few things have happened, then if you are happy to go ahead we will have the baptism during a Sunday morning service on the agreed date.

We look forward to meeting you!