Volunteer Sunday (14th May)

Everyone has a part to play. At St. Luke’s many people play their part by volunteering to help out on one of our teams. Without them the church would not operate. With more of them, there will be less pressure on those already helping out and the potential to do more.

This Sunday you will have an opportunity to explore how you can volunteer to help out at St. Luke’s. After the service, while coffee is being served, there will be various ‘stations’ for each of the volunteer teams we have. At each station you can talk to a team member to see what is involved in volunteering, pick up information about the roles and possibly sign up to join the team on a trial basis.

So why not consider joining a team? Opportunities include: welcoming people at the door, counting the collection, helping with the audiovisual, reading the Bible in church, hoovering up after the service and serving tea and coffee.

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