Update from Dick & Caroline Seed – January 2023

Dear friends 

Thank you for praying for the Phase 1 online lecturer training we ran for Brazil in the second week of this month. The course went well despite Bishop Flavio, the interpreter, being diagnosed with stress-related chest pains and ordered to rest for the week. Some of the English-speaking participants then took over the interpretation. They did an excellent job. All in all, everyone was enthusiastic and highly engaged. And we managed to survive 10-12 hour a day power cuts in Cape Town using batteries, an inverter, and a “strong” UPS on our wi-fi router. Some amazing answers to prayer! (See attached screenshot).

In two days, we will be leaving for a trip to West Java in Indonesia to lead a workshop in theological research for lecturers from the evangelical colleges of Indonesia (the PASTI group), sponsored by Local Leaders. We’ll be flying to Singapore, then on to Bali, and the next day to Bandung. This will be training in designing research that is missiological and theological because the secular agenda has so gripped Christian universities and theological colleges that some have lost their ability to engage in theological research. You may remember that Caroline ran a similar course online for St Paul’s University, Kenya in 2021.   

On the way back, we will be going to Sydney to participate in the Local Leaders International Conference.  

We would appreciate prayer for: 

  • The flights and different connections. 
  • Coping with jet lag and teaching for the first few days. 
  • The ability to communicate effectively with the lecturers. 
  • The conference in Sydney, especially for good discussions with some of the mission leaders. 
  • Good health. 

Thank you for continuing to pray.

In Christ 

Caroline and Dick 

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