Youth Initiative (YI), Sundays 5:00-7:30pm

The rest of this term YI are trialling a new pattern for their get togethers. The youth have said that they want to take more opportunities to invite friends along.  So, we are relocating to the church hall, where we start the evening at 5:00pm with bible study and worship, have food together and then open our doors from 6:30-7:30pm for games and activities.

It would be great to build up a team of volunteers to enable growth in our work with the youth. Please talk to Claire if interested.

Something new that we will now attend as part of our YI program is ‘The Event.’ The Event is a Churches together in Thanet youth meeting that happens the 4th Sunday of each month. It is a great opportunity to meet young people from other churches and youth groups.

So, this month’s YI meets as follows:

  • Sunday 13th November – YI in church hall 5-7:30
  • Sunday 20th November – YI in church hall 5-7:30
  • Sunday 27th November – YI joining The Event 6-8 venue tbc.

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