9. The Coming of World War II


St. Luke’s, Ramsgate

In 1936 St. Luke’s had two weeks of celebration for its Diamond Jubilee. The Archbishop visited for an evening service which was packed. A special edition of the Magazine was printed with a silver cover to mark the Diamond Jubilee year.

The church was flourishing and the initial hut that was built as a memorial after the First World War was replaced by the new Parish Hall, which is our present Church Hall and completed in 1939. Plans were also begun to build what would become the present church building at St. Mark’s in Northwood. It had been a part of St. Luke’s parish from the start and there had been work happening there for most of St. Luke’s history, but now it was felt the need for a more suitable building.

​However, the threat of impending war was soon upon Ramsgate, particularly fearful after its experiences of bombing in World War I. After Dunkirk many people left Ramsgate including the vicar of St. Luke’s and as a result the church St. Luke’s was closed. Some Services were held in the new Church Hall, but St. Luke’s as a parish church was in reality put on hold during the darkest years of the war.

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