8. The First World War


St. Luke’s, Ramsgate

1914 was a sad year for St. Luke’s. It’s first vicar, who is still the longest serving vicar, Rev. Whiting (vicar from 1875-1905) died. Yet added to that grief was the start of World War I, which had a deep impact on the parish.

St. Luke’s was said to be the most bombed parish in the most bombed town in England during World War I. In March 1916, five children were killed on their way to Sunday School, ten others injured and two adults killed. The funeral for the children was held in the church.

But, through this time the church continued active and people kept praying. The picture below from 1918 shows a group photo holding up the letters, ‘Victory Through Prayer’. The vicar towards the right, was the vicar from 1913-1927, Rev. Collins. As you can see at this time children played a key role in the churches life.

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