4. Vicar’s Letter – Rev. Hazledine


St. Luke’s, Ramsgate

This is another vicar’s letter from a Parish Magazine in 1906, which was reprinted in the 1936 Diamond Jubilee edition of the magazine.

The Rev. Hazledine is pictured sitting down in the picture with his two ordained sons standing behind him.

​Another challenging message that is just as relevant today:

​”I think a Service ought to be bright and above all, congregational, but what we do need is to lead penitent souls to the foot of the Cross for pardon, and unless the Church of England is doing this it is dismally failing to do God’s work. The mere attendance at Church, the mere observance of outward forms of worship will not avail for the soul’s eternal welfare. Nothing but change of hear, the new birth unto righteousness, in short, conversion, will stand the test of eternity…

​Dear friends, let me ask you the solemn question, ‘On what is your hope for the future resting?'”

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