14. Into the Twenty-First Century


St. Luke’s, Ramsgate

After attempts to close St. Luke’s had fallen apart at the start of the 1990s, the church carried on as it had been. At this time much was similar to today. The calendar in the 1994 magazine (the magazine was stopped soon after this date) included:


  • ​Family Service and baptisms at 10:30am
  • ​Evening communion at 6:30pm


  • ​Prayer, 7:45am
  • Women’s Fellowship, 2:30pm


  • ​Home Group, 2:30pm


  • ​Home Group, 7:30pm
  • 2 Home Groups, 8:00pm


  • ​Pram Club, 10:30am

Not that dis-similar to the present day programme!

​The new vicar of 1994 was Vernon Wilkins. During his time he made a number of changes to the church buildings and grounds, including erecting the present fence around the church gardens and selling off the organ and re-organising and carpeting the chancel area to create the large space we have there today. Also during this time, the Pram Club was re-launched as Play and Praise.

​In 2004, the present vicar, Paul Worledge started. After introducing the Christianity Explored course to the church, the Home Groups, which had stopped were re-launched as Growth Teams. In January 2009 a new youth group, Fusion was launched on Friday evenings, which has since gone from strength to strength. In December 2011 the new toilets and kitchen area in the church were opened. Although there is no longer a parish magazine, the church also launched a website!

St. Luke’s in 1992
A vicarage BBQ in early 1990s
A home group meeting in 1990s
The Pram Club in 1990s
The old organ, which was sold around the turn of the century

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