11. Rebuilding after the War


St. Luke’s, Ramsgate

In 1944 as the end of the war was in sight a new vicar was appointed to St. Luke’s, Rev. Blanchett. This was a time of when the life and fellowship of the church steadily grew, especially the work amongst the young people. There were meetings for fellowship and recreation which were very well attended by both young and old.

However, initially after the war the church building itself was in desperate need of repair and so the services were initially held in the church hall. However, on February 4th 1951 the building was finally re-opened at a special service to which all the local dignitaries were invited.

​The magazine says of them:
​”They are glad to be associated in Thanksgiving with the people of this large Parish that our Church escaped destruction during two world wars, in both of which this district received more bombs and shells than any other part of the town.”

Rev. Blanchett at a garden fete in early 1950s.
Youth club camp in 1954
A view of the roof as it was being repaired in 1950.
The Parish magazine announces the re-opening of St. Luke’s in 1951.

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