2. Vicar’s Letter – Rev. Whiting


St. Luke’s, Ramsgate

The letter below comes from the first Parish Magazine, which appeared in January 1890, 14 years after the church was opened. It was reprinted as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of the church in 1936.

​The vicar of 1890, Rev. Whiting doesn’t pull his punches…

“A New Year! But we must not forget that the words, a New Year, signify that another year has passed away. The old year has gone. You cannot call it back; but it is not well to let the old year go without very serious thought. What account can you give of last year? How many talents God committed to your care! How did you use them? What account can you give of the fifty-two Sundays and all the valuable time of the week? Have you wasted or used those precious days? What about your strength, your family joys and sorrows, your many powers of mind and body. Some of you had but little money, but how you have employed what God gave you from time to time. Have you promoted the glory of God and the good of your fellow creatures? When the sun shone and made your heart glad, have you been thankful to the Giver of all good gifts? And when clouds overshadowed your sky, have you been submissive under the hand of your heavenly Father? Come, let us deal seriously with ourselves, let us confess our past failures and seek forgiveness through Christ our Saviour. Let us lay better plans for the future! All our work lies before us, and our God will strengthen us for coming trials and coming joys by His Spirit in the inner man.

​We therefore salute you, as the Apostle did, and say grace, mercy, and peace be with you for the New Year, 1890.”

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