1. The Building Phase

Up to 1876

St. Luke’s, Ramsgate

The following shows an extract from a booklet produced in the 1920s, which gave the history of the first 50 years of St. Luke’s. The first picture is of the vicar in the 1920s, but the text tells us of the original vision and plans that led to the building of the church. It is notable how much money the Whiting family put into the project, but also that it was very much a local community effort. Work amongst children was also a priority right from the start.

The paragraph on the next page reads:
“.. and on All Saints Day, November 1st, 1876, the Church as far as​ then built – nave and aisles – was consecrated by the Archbishop, who expressed great admiration of the building with its arches of Caen stone and its pillars of red granite

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